Tuesday, January 22, 2013

emerald city

Did you hear the “green” news? Pantone has recently announced that Emerald is the color of 2013, a both elegant and lively hue of green. Most often associated with precious gems this hue evokes sophistication and luxury. At the same time, green is the color of nature, growth and the one we associate with hope. But, how do we make this trend part of our daily décor & fashion lives?

Well, as regards our closet,  it’s an incredibly sophisticated choice for gowns (Kate did have a premonition) or accessories or simply to update your outfits with a few pieces .


And… of course a fab hue to use as accent color at home or , why not? Maybe, in a bolder and  brighter way?

Nicole Cohen
How about you? Will you follow the yellow brick road to Oz??If so, Get the look:

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